Tuesday, May 31, 2016

UPDATE: Heritage May 2016 Auction + Tintin (again)

Tintin did it again, with a set of pages going for $1.2 million total at a Paris auction. Yep, that is a big sale and ranks at #2 for foreign panel pages.

And now that terrific Heritage auction. The big item of the auction was from the Frazetta painting list:

      3. $454,100: "The Norseman" (1972 - Flashing Swords #1 book cover)

Next are a pair of classic Gil Kane covers and an unused Kirby cover:

      18. $155,350: Amazing Spider-Man #151 (Gil Kane, John Romita Sr.)
      18. $155,350: X-Men #95 (Gil Kane, Dave Cockrum)
      26. $131,450: Fantastic Four #52 [unused cover] (Jack Kirby, Joe Sinnott)

How about Kirby Thor and consecutive Amazing Spider-Man pages featuring Spidey and Green Goblin?

      10. $71,700: Journey into Mystery #115 page 11 (Jack Kirby, Frank Giacoia)
      16. $59,750: Amazing Spider-Man #39 page 13 (John Romita Sr., Mike Esposito)
      18. $56,165: Amazing Spider-Man #39 page 12 (John Romita Sr., Mike Esposito)

Other impressive sales:

      $95,600: Frankenstein page 154 (Bernie Wrightson)
      $83,650: Peanuts Sunday 8-9-1953 (Charles Schulz)
      $50,190: "Secrets of the Batcave" watercolor (Dick Sprang)

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

UPDATE: Heritage February 2016 Auction + Tintin

February 19th saw a bunch of nice art go up for auction, including three pieces that were added to the lists. First up are two great covers:

      13. $179,250: Amazing Spider-Man #62 (John Romita Sr.)
      20. $149,375: Daredevil #9 (Wally Wood)

Yet another great Romita page joins the rankings:

      18. $53,775: Amazing Spider-Man #49 Page 15 (John Romita Sr., Mike Esposito)

Oh yeah, a double page Tintin page sold for a little bit:

      3. $451,342: Tintin - Le sceptre d'Ottokar [2 pages] (Herg√© - 809,600 € / $902,684 for pair)

Friday, January 1, 2016

UPDATE: New Old Data

After I posted Doc Dave's Frazetta auction results, Dave updated me with a 2012 sale that takes over the #1 spot on the Frazetta inks list:

      1. $150,000 (2012): Mahar and Virgin (Canaveral)

There was also a discussion about the sale of the FF #76 cover in 2013 on the CGC forums. This places it at #13 on cover list:

      13. $170,000 (2013): Fantastic Four #76 (Jack Kirby, Joe Sinnott)

It was pointed out that I incorrectly had the $175K sale of a The Dark Knight Returns Limited Edition page listed as a special edition cover, but it was actually a frontispiece. I created a combined frontispiece / recreations / concept art list, where it ranks first:

      1. $175,000 (2015): Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Limited Edition (Frank Miller - frontispiece)

Sunday, December 20, 2015

UPDATE: Doc Dave's Frazetta Auction

December 11th saw the auction of one of the largest Frank Frazetta art collections, the collection of Doc Dave. Having visited the Frazetta Museum in Stroudsburg, PA shortly before Frank passed away, I was very interested in this auction and I wasn't disappointed.

The big ticket item was the painting "The Lion Queen" at $179,200 (#6 on the Frazetta painting list) and includes an interesting backstory of theft, discovery and the FBI. With so many terrific inked pages, I created a new Frazetta non-comic inks section for $50,000+ pages and promptly added 10 pages, including the "Lord of The Rings: The Black Nazgul" portfolio page pictured below at #4 ($78,000).

Note: many of the public prices listed don't include the premium; the price plus premium are available here and the total is reflected in the lists.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

UPDATE: Heritage November 2015 Auction

Heritage's November 2015 auction included a number of items that made it onto the list. For the GL #76 cover, not only did Mr. Adams share in the proceeds, but a portion also goes to the Hero Initiative.
  • Green Lantern #76 (Neal Adams) - $442,150 (#4 cover)
  • Amazing Spider-Man #98 (Gil Kane, Frank Giacoia) - $179,250 (#12 cover)
  • Journey Into Mystery #122 (Jack Kirby, Wally Wood) - $155,350 (#18 cover)
  • Action Comics #45 (Fred Ray) - $107,550 (#24 cover)
  • Amazing Spider-Man #39 page 18 (John Romita Sr., Mike Esposito) - $89,625 (#6 page)
  • Amazing Spider-Man #39 page 19 (John Romita Sr., Mike Esposito) - $62,737 (#14 page)
On the foreign market, a pair of Tintin pages brought in a whooping $1,763,036 in an October auction in Paris.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

UPDATE: Frank Miller Strikes Back

Frank Miller's cover to a limited edition of the Batman: The Dark Knight Returns recently sold for $175,000 at the Metropolis Gallery, earning the #11 cover position. This is the first time that a collected edition cover made it into the list.

Heritage's September 2015 auction had some nice items, primarily the X-Men #137 double page splash by John Byrne and Terry Austin which went for $167,300View all results.

ComicLink's Summer 2015 auctions didn't have any record-setters, but came very close with a 1969 illustration. View featured results.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

UPDATE: Heritage May 2015 Auction

Here are some updates on from Heritage's May 2015 auction (and a ComicLink result from February). Sorry, I have really been slacking.