Tuesday, May 31, 2016

UPDATE: Heritage May 2016 Auction + Tintin (again)

Tintin did it again, with a set of pages going for $1.2 million total at a Paris auction. Yep, that is a big sale and ranks at #2 for foreign panel pages.

And now that terrific Heritage auction. The big item of the auction was from the Frazetta painting list:

      3. $454,100: "The Norseman" (1972 - Flashing Swords #1 book cover)

Next are a pair of classic Gil Kane covers and an unused Kirby cover:

      18. $155,350: Amazing Spider-Man #151 (Gil Kane, John Romita Sr.)
      18. $155,350: X-Men #95 (Gil Kane, Dave Cockrum)
      26. $131,450: Fantastic Four #52 [unused cover] (Jack Kirby, Joe Sinnott)

How about Kirby Thor and consecutive Amazing Spider-Man pages featuring Spidey and Green Goblin?

      10. $71,700: Journey into Mystery #115 page 11 (Jack Kirby, Frank Giacoia)
      16. $59,750: Amazing Spider-Man #39 page 13 (John Romita Sr., Mike Esposito)
      18. $56,165: Amazing Spider-Man #39 page 12 (John Romita Sr., Mike Esposito)

Other impressive sales:

      $95,600: Frankenstein page 154 (Bernie Wrightson)
      $83,650: Peanuts Sunday 8-9-1953 (Charles Schulz)
      $50,190: "Secrets of the Batcave" watercolor (Dick Sprang)

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

UPDATE: Heritage February 2016 Auction + Tintin

February 19th saw a bunch of nice art go up for auction, including three pieces that were added to the lists. First up are two great covers:

      13. $179,250: Amazing Spider-Man #62 (John Romita Sr.)
      20. $149,375: Daredevil #9 (Wally Wood)

Yet another great Romita page joins the rankings:

      18. $53,775: Amazing Spider-Man #49 Page 15 (John Romita Sr., Mike Esposito)

Oh yeah, a double page Tintin page sold for a little bit:

      3. $451,342: Tintin - Le sceptre d'Ottokar [2 pages] (Herg√© - 809,600 € / $902,684 for pair)

Friday, January 1, 2016

UPDATE: New Old Data

After I posted Doc Dave's Frazetta auction results, Dave updated me with a 2012 sale that takes over the #1 spot on the Frazetta inks list:

      1. $150,000 (2012): Mahar and Virgin (Canaveral)

There was also a discussion about the sale of the FF #76 cover in 2013 on the CGC forums. This places it at #13 on cover list:

      13. $170,000 (2013): Fantastic Four #76 (Jack Kirby, Joe Sinnott)

It was pointed out that I incorrectly had the $175K sale of a The Dark Knight Returns Limited Edition page listed as a special edition cover, but it was actually a frontispiece. I created a combined frontispiece / recreations / concept art list, where it ranks first:

      1. $175,000 (2015): Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Limited Edition (Frank Miller - frontispiece)