Saturday, May 17, 2014

UPDATE: Heritage May 2014 Signature Auction Results

Wow, $657K for the very first Wolverine. We all knew we would see a big price, but we weren't sure how big. This price blows away all other panel pages (domestic and foreign) and ties the price for the Amazing Spider-Man #328 cover.

The other notable piece from this auction was the Alex Raymond Flash Gordon Sunday (pictured below). I am not sure if one of the panels being used as a 1995 stamp caused this to be the highest priced comic strip, but I would be feeling pretty good if I was the guy who paid $35K for the Raymond Sunday last August.

Panel Pages:
#1: $657,250: Incredible Hulk #180 page 21 (Herb Trimpe, Jack Abel)

Comic Strips:
#1: $215,100: Flash Gordon Strip 8/28/1938 (Sunday - Alex Raymond)

#8: $59,750: Incredible Hulk #5 page 1 (Jack Kirby, Dick Ayers)
#10: $53,775: Avengers #81 page 1 (John Buscema, Tom Palmer)
#11 (tie): $50,787: The Dark Knight Returns #2 page 3 (Frank Miller, Klaus Janson)

These are Trimpe, Raymond and Buscema's 1st entries in any of the ranking lists. View all results here.