Monday, August 11, 2014

UPDATE: Heritage August 2014 Auction

This month's signature auction saw Brian Bolland soar into the #4 position of the panel page rankings with a significant page from The Killing Joke at $107,550. This is the most recently published page on the list (1988), two years newer than the The Dark Knight Returns page that sold for half this price last year.

The other page that made the lists is the Amazing Spider-Man #78 splash from John Buscema at $65,725. Covers by Sal Buscema, Barry Smith, Frank Mill and Robert Crumb hit $80K+ but did not hit the $100K cutoff.

UPDATE: Artcurial May 2014 Auction ($3.6 million cover!)

The May 24th Artcurial auction in Paris saw the all-time comic art price set when a Tintin cover (estimated at a mere 700K-900K €) ended up going for over $3.6 million after fees. Featuring scenes from 21 years of Tintin, it isn't too surprising that it surpassed all other foreign art. Another cover hit $1.3 million and two others went for over $200K.

Due to the volume of $100K+ foreign sales, I increased the minimum for pages and covers to $150K.