Monday, March 10, 2014

UPDATE: 34 Foreign Comic Art Pieces Added

This massive update includes 8 covers, 1 splash, 23 panel pages and 2 other pages...and each of them was $100K+! These pieces span 2008 to 2013. New additions are marked with a † after the price to make finding them easier.

Also to note is that I am doing money conversions based on the date of the auction, so in a few strange cases the euro (€) cost is actually higher for an item lower in the list. I may change this in the future.

Thank you Oystein S. for pointing out what artists I should be watching at!

Saturday, March 8, 2014

1st Wolverine Headed to the Auction Block

The very first published appearance of Wolverine is hitting the auction block in May's featured Heritage auction. This final page from Hulk #180 features our introduction to our favorite pint-sized X-Man. Since pages from Hulk #181 were destroyed and/or damaged in a fire, this historic page may be the only intact early appearance of The Ol' Canucklehead. This sure is going to give the current panel page record holder a run for its money ($155K for Fantastic Four #55 page 3)!

UPDATE: Heritage Feb. 2014 Signature Auction Results

February saw five great pages join the $50K+ and $100K+ clubs, including the earliest known Superman cover with Guardineer's Action Comics #15.

#6 (tie): $286,800: Action Comics #15 (Fred Guardineer)
#11 (tie): $167,300: Tales of Suspense #84 (Jack Kirby, Frank Giacoia)

#8: $56,762: Captain America #101 page 1 (Jack Kirby, Syd Shores)
#9: $50,787: Batman #9 page 1 (Bob Kane, Jerry Robinson, George Roussos)

Panel Pages:
#12: $53,775: Daredevil #6 page 2 (Wally Wood)

This is Guardineer's 1st entry, Kirby's 9th and 10th, and Wood and Robinson each added their 2nd (Weird Fantasy #16 and Detective Comics #67 covers respectively). View all results here.

Welcome! For the last 3+ years I have been tracking the prices of comic original art. While I am a very little fish in a very big pond, I enjoy watching the top end of the market. I would love to hear your thoughts, stories, and any missing sales that you are aware of.

The original art is broken into five major catogories:

  • Covers:
    • $100,000+ USA comic covers
    • $100,000+ foreign comic covers
  • Splashes:
    • $50,000+ USA splash pages
    • $100,000+ foreign splash pages
  • Panel Pages:
    • $50,000+ USA panel pages
    • $100,000+ foreign panel pages
  • Other Inked:
    • $50,000+ recreations
    • $50,000+ concept art
    • $100,000+ comic strips
  • Comic Paintings:
    • $100,000+ Painted Comic Covers
    • $100,000+ Non-Comic Frazetta Paintings
    • $100,000+ Carl Barks Paintings